WELCOME Sports Fans!


whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. (at least every four years when the US has a team).


Established in 2007, Go Play See is a personalized adult recreation service catering to the needs of the Davis, Gillis, Badylak, and Perry families.


The 2014 edition of World Cup Madness involves a one time payment of $10 which you should probably not expect to ever see again given the ultra-competitive nature of the playas you are up against.

USA v. Belgium 1500 Tuesday July 1

Perry Pool open for the game beginning at 1430.  In honor of our southern North American's who went out to the Dutch - all manner of Mexican food will be served.

Our Playas

John Badylak 

A top athlete at Purdue, John was the first to submit his bracket.

Josh Davis 

A local pro, he offers real-world drill down in his daily practice.

Go Play See 

Complete System for Wasting Time 

Laura Bennett

Lots of Bark, probably not as much bite...

Brett Perry 

A rookie in years, feels he has the knowledge to make up for it.

Katie gillis 

A self-proclaimed underdog likely to outperform in the end.

Eric Gillis

One of several cerebral cue balls with extensive national experience.

Eliza Davis 

Highly competitive female playa who talks a big game.

Jesse Perry

A retired pro, just coming into his prime and a force to be reckoned with.

Jeremie Perry 

He is collecting the cash for a reason...

Celena Badylak 

Claims she doesn't know Jack, but we all no that's not true.

Scott Perry 

A rookie in years, feels he has the knowledge to make up for it. Hmmm

Cynthia Perry

The final entry, one can never underestimate the Grand Matron of the Clan.